What is an online session?



Each session will be 30 minutes in length,(your first session is FREE)

Here's what you can expect:  

  • Coach Watts uses his expertise, years of experience, and powerful software to go frame by frame and analyze even the most minute of details in the film you have sent him.

  • From there he will come up with a plan to help you see progress daily (whether it be in practice or in the off season)

    • Coach Watts utilizes personal terminology that is unlike any other - key words and ques that help expedite progress

    • He ensures a continual development of your technique by providing drills that emphasize the key moves of proper form

  • Coach Watts serves as a reference, if you find yourself struggling in a certain area all you have to do is get a hold of him.

  • He also provides small clips of NFL or College players to refer back to as references

Before Your online session!

Before you have your session you must send Coach Watts some film. You can either keep them running or cut them up into separate clips.

Here is what is needed:


  • 3 front and 3 back view clips of field goals

  • 3 front and 3 back view clips of kick offs

  • 1 close up side view of field goals

  • 1 close up side view of kick offs


*Please use a snapper or a person tossing the ball to you. No film of you hitting the ball out of your hand

  • 2 side view

  • 2 front view

  • 6 total rear view

    • straight down the field

    • 2 right directional

    • 2 left directional

When you are all done either iMessage them to Coach Watts(716-560-7188) or you can upload them to google drive and share them to specialteamsacademy@gmail.com


After Coach Watts receives your footage he will contact you within 48-72 hours to actually set up an appointment for your online session.