Player Testimonials


Jacob Schum

"I have had the privilege to work with Sam for over three years now , beginning right after college . With Sam's guidance, coaching, determination, patience, and the love for what he does, he has helped me develop into an NFL punter. Working with Sam has brought constant improvement in all areas of my kicking game. From catching the ball cleanly, to making solid contact when kicking it, he will always find a way to improve technique. I have never met any other coach who has such drive and passion to help these young men/athletes get better. I am very lucky to have met Sam and build a strong relationship with, because I would not be where I am without him. Thank you Sam for your help, by turning me into the Punter I am today."


Zack Medeiros

“I have been working with Sam for almost 3 years now and he’s been a blessing. I’ll never be able to repay him for all the hard work he has put into me whether it’s countless hours of film critiquing my technique or consistently keeping up to date from each kicking session or game I cannot thank him enough. Sam has helped me to believe and achieve my dreams which has landed me to sign 3 pro contracts, more notably and currently with the Ottawa Redblacks of the CFL as a punter and kickoff specialist.”


Craig Peterson

I am the kicker for the Tampa Bay Storm Arena Pro Football Team, having played now through 12 straight games of the season and can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for Sam Watts. I credit him for providing the foundation of my success.  I have been working with Sam for over 4 years now and I’ve gone from a kid who could neither hit a consistent field goal nor punt into one of the top kickers in the Arena Football League. Before I met Sam, I could barely get the ball into the endzone on kickoffs. Now, I’m consistently kicking the ball out of the back of the endzone with over 4 seconds of hang time. While playing in the AFL, I’ve even hit the ball over the net on several kickoffs. My field goals had been inconsistent but that all changed when Sam reviewed film with me off the field, identified the problem, and provided advice on what adjustments needed to be made. He would methodically break moves down, frame by frame, showing me what moves I needed to tweak and/or change in order to become better each time. On the field, Sam can see things that I never even realized before. Making small adjustments while maintaining my own rhythm and technique has been essential to becoming a more consistently accurate kicker. I am capable of kicking 70+ yard field goals where as before I could barely hit from 50.  Sam advised me about my approach to the ball and how to achieve as much power behind the ball while still maintaining proper form and technique. Just by watching me, he could tell if my steps were off or if my hand wasn’t out far enough. No matter what it was, he always saw it. He has an eye that catches both your weaknesses and your strengths. Through his excellent coaching ability, a player can only get better.

Not only has my kicking game been taken to a pro level, but since working with Sam I can now punt as well. Sam took me from never having punted to hitting 4.5-4.8 hang times consistently along with hitting directionals.  Sam has always preached to be a well rounded athlete because that makes you more versatile. Although no athlete is perfect all the time, since working with Sam I’m always trying to achieve that.

Sam and I have such a great relationship to the point where we understand each other even though distance keeps us apart. What makes him a phenomenal coach is that I can send him film from practices and games to view and he is able to guide me and give me direction to adjust things that are affecting my game negatively, as well as point out and praise me for things I’m doing right that produce good results.  Even though I’m no longer under his direct tutelage, he knows I’m still going to put the work in every single day in order to keep getting better. A strong work ethic is so important, especially at this level, but it has to start early.  Sam has always been supportive and being the coach that he is, he’s always willing to go the extra mile to help you succeed and become the kicker and/or punter you want to become!

Started from the bottom

Great coaching is the key to building great players. I myself had no formal background in football before I met Sam. I played soccer in high school. I did track in college. Now Sam has taken me from novice to the professional football level, playing on one of the highest stages in a league that has little margin of error for kickers. I couldn’t be more blessed and thankful to have met such an inspirational coach and friend. Hands down, Coach Watts is the go-to-guy if you want to become better in every aspect as a specialist!


Tyler Grassman

"I had the opportunity and blessing of being introduced to Sam Watts following my freshman season of college football at the University at Buffalo. A highly recruited and highly ranked high school recruit, I thought I had everything down pat. Sam completely transformed my game and still is transforming my game to this day. My freshman year I struggled and found myself in the bottom portion of the NCAA in punting. In my first season working with Sam, he increased my average a whole 5 yards a punt. Continuing to work with him he then helped me become a Ray Guy nominee in 2014 and on the Ray Guy Watch List in 2015 which is a preseason watchlist for the Top 25 punters in the country. He took me under his wing when I was down, reshaped me and taught me how it is supposed to be done and continues to help me improve every single day. He is so technically sound and has an incredible eye for even the faintest flaw in his players which helps us to continuously improve and strive for perfection. I've never met someone who dedicates more of his time, energy and passion into the game. Not only is he an outstanding coach but he's a great friend and mentor as well. I would not be half the punter I am today if it weren't for Sam. I thank God every day that he blessed my life with Sam Watts!"


Matthew Shiel

“Coach Watts has provided tremendous coaching advice which has transformed me into a better punter technically and statistically. Using the online lessons is a fantastic way to use film effectively and expands how you learn. His knowledge about kicking/punting is outstanding and I am truly blessed to work with him. His ability to look for adjustments in your technique is second to none. Using online lessons covers all bases in getting better at your craft. I would recommend Coach Watts to any player or coach who wants to go to the next level in their game. ”